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What to do if your child did not pass the 11+? The 2023 appeals process for Bucks schools

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Headstart 11+ Tuition

If you received your child's secondary transfer test score on Friday 13th October and they did not achieve a score of 121 or higher, and are wondering what to do, please read the information below, which may give you some clarity.

STEP 1 - is the result a fair reflection of my child's ability?

If the answer to this question is yes, they maybe they are not suited to a grammar school. In which case, it is best to accept the results and focus on their secondary education in a different setting. If you feel your child has under performed then you can appeal the decision (see STEP 2 and beyond).

STEP 2 - Request a selection review (deadline is 3rd November 2023).

You can appeal with any score, however most scores below 115 are dismissed. If you wish to proceed with an appeal the first step is to request selection review information via the Buckinghamshire Council website ( They will then provide you with information regarding the appeals process.

STEP 3 - Get the Headteacher to support your application.

If you get the information through from Bucks CC and decide that you would still like to proceed with an appeal then the next stage is to get in contact with the headteacher at your child's primary school. Have a discussion with them to see if they would support your application or not. Nearly all appeals without the headteachers written support struggle to get passed. The headteacher will need to provide evidence that your child is one of the top performers in their class and that they feel your child would be very suited to a grammar school.

STEP 4 - Submit your selection review

There is an online portal where you will submit your selection review.


  • 3rd November 2023 - Deadline for submitting selection review

  • 16th February 2024 - Results from selection review

  • 1st March 2024 - Allocation of secondary school places (taking into account the results of the selection review)

What to do if my appeal is unsuccessful?

If your child does not qualify at review, there is nothing else you can do immediately but after 1 March 2024 you can ask for an Independent Admission Appeal for a place at a particular grammar school.

For more information of how we could help your child prepare for the secondary transfer test please go to our website or contact at


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