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What is the pass mark for the 11+? Explained!

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Headstart 11+ Tuition

The 11+ in Buckinghamshire has a pass mark of 121. But what is 121?

What is 121?

A score of 121 does not mean that your child got 121 answers correct. 121 is a score calculated based on your child’s performance against all other pupils sitting the test. This also means that the pass mark is different every year.

Papers will be marked by a computer system. This system will then calculate the ‘average’ or ‘mean’ score achieved by all pupils. This is 100. If your child scored below the average they will receive a score below 100. If they achieved above the average then their score will be above 100. The graph below should help to explain this further.

Buckinghamshire 11+ marking

How many answers does my child need to get correct?

Although the percentage of questions pupils need to answer correctly to achieve 121 varies greatly per year, it is generally accepted that your child will need to get between 75-85% of the questions correct in order to achieve a score above 121, and thus be able to apply for a place at a Grammar school in Buckinghamshire.

For more information on the pass mark for the 11+ please visit Buckinghamshire County Council’s webpage about the 11+ in Bucks (

More information

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