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How to answer the Verbal Reasoning questions in the 11+ (Blog series 5 – Thinking Logically)

Updated: May 18, 2023

Verbal Reasoning aims to evaluate the ability of a pupil to think constructively rather than just recognise vocabulary. It covers a whole range of question types, however predominantly it is how letters, words or numbers can be used to complete a task. VR is not taught in schools, and puts pupils who do not practice these questions at a disadvantage.

Our blog series on how to answer the Verbal Reasoning (VR) questions in the 11+ continues with the next types of questions pupils may be asked for the NVR section of the 11+; Thinking Logically. This type of question involves a series of statements with which pupils need to come to a conclusion based on the information provided.

Thinking Logically

We have included two questions for you to have a go at below, which will give you an idea of what these types of questions entail (answers are at the bottom of the page).


Q1. C (3).

Q2. Yousuf and Matthew.

Please note that these are really simplified examples of the questions pupils will receive on the 11+. We have a wealth of experience of assisting pupils prepare for all aspects of the secondary transfer test (11+), including Verbal Reasoning.

For more information about how we can help your child as they prepare to take the 11+ in Buckinghamshire please contact us at, or call us on 01296 931078.


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