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Are pupils living in Aylesbury at a disadvantage in the 11+?

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

11+ tuition pupils

The secondary transfer test (11+) is a test taken by all pupils in Buckinghamshire at the beginning of year 6 to determine which secondary school pupils go to. The test is standardised so should create a level playing field, however when we look at the most recent data available from The Buckinghamshire Grammar Schools there are some interesting findings.

Pass rate by location

Pass rate by location Buckinghamshire 11+

The graph above illustrates how many pupils pass the 11+ dependent upon where they live. The main findings from this are that in 2021 28% of all pupils who sat the eleven plus gained automatic qualification, this is to say they scored 121 or above. However, in Aylesbury only 20% of pupils gained a score of 121 or more. There is a large discrepancy when compared to other regions, specifically South Bucks, where 44% of pupils taking the 11+ achieve a score of 121 or more. This means that you are more than twice as likely to pass the 11+ if you live in South Bucks compared to those living in Aylesbury. A lot of factors play in to this, however illustrates the importance of pupils doing some form of studying for the test, be it at home or with a tutor.

Grammar school attendances by location

Buckinghamshire grammar school attendance by location

The graph here shows the number of pupils that attend each school based on their location. In terms of the four grammar schools in the Aylesbury Vale area:

  • Aylesbury Grammar School: 66% of pupils are from Buckinghamshire, the other 34% are from out of county.

  • Aylesbury High School: 74% of pupils are from Buckinghamshire, the other 26% are from out of county.

  • Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School: 94% of pupils are from Buckinghamshire, with only 6% of pupils from outside of the county.

  • Royal Latin Grammar School: 67% of pupils are from Buckinghamshire, with 33% being from outside of the county.

11+ results by pupils

11+ pass rate

The graph above demonstrates the number of pupils who achieved each score in the secondary transfer test.

  • The most common score on the secondary transfer test in 2021 was 121.

  • The highest score recorded in the 11+ was 170.

  • The lowest score recorded in the 11+ was 49.

  • The average score is 100.

Pupils results by primary school

Details regarding how many pupils passed the 11+ from each primary school in Buckinghamshire can be found on The Buckinghamshire Grammar School website. To see how your primary school performed please follow the link here:

For information about how we could help your child as they prepare to take the 11 plus please visit our course page ( or contact us directly via email at



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