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Why should I get an 11+ tutor for my child?

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

Tuition has been shown to help pupils of all abilities improve their performance in the 11+. Below is an outline of how tuition could help your child.

Improved performance

Research has shown that private tuition helps pupils achieve higher scores in the 11+ test, compared to those who do not receive tuition. Tuition is by no means a guarantee that a child will pass the 11+, however it has been shown to improve performance.

Increasing confidence

Tuition not only helps pupils to prepare for the content that they will see on the 11+, but it also help to boost confidence and give previously under performing children an opportunity to succeed. Pupils express an increase in confidence heading into the exam as they have been taught all of the potential questions they may see, and how to answer them. The familiarity with the 11+ test content and how to spend time wisely are noted as two major benefits of tuition leading to greater confidence in pupils.

Exam skills

Being taught the content of the exam, although obviously a vital part of tuition, is not the only benefit. Pupils are also taught many exam skill techniques, which help them build confidence and stay focused when in the 11+. Tuition should help pupils understand how to use their time wisely, and also pick up on any patterns in answers, so that even if they cannot get the answer, they are able to make an educated guess as to the answer.

Improvements in other areas of schooling

Pupils receiving 11+ tuition have also reported improvements in both English and Mathematics (as these elements form part of the 11+). Pupils ability to problem solve also improves from 11+ specific tuition, as a lot of what is taught in verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning relate to this.

Accessibility of tuition

Private tuition is no longer seen as something only for the wealthy in society. It is becoming far more accessible and accepted. As our schools struggle to cater for pupils of all abilities, spending some dedicated time in private tuition with like-minded pupils allows children to grow and show progress far beyond that capable in a school classroom environment.

More information

For more information of how we could help your child as they prepare to take the 11+ please visit our website at or contact us at

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