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How does the 11+ work in Buckinghamshire?

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

The Secondary Transfer Test (or 11+ test) is sat by every pupils in Buckinghamshire in September of Year 6. It is essentially an IQ test, and determines which secondary school pupils can apply to. Parents need to register to ‘opt-out’ of the 11+ if they do not wish their children to take the test.

The test consists of two 45 minute papers taken on the same day, with a short break in between.

  • Paper 1 assesses pupils; Comprehension, Spelling, Punctuation, Grammar, Technical English and Verbal Reasoning.

  • Paper 2 assesses pupils; Mathematical knowledge, Non-verbal Reasoning and Spatial Reasoning.

If children reach the required score for the test (121), then they will be offered a place at one of the grammar schools in the area. A list of which can be found at If pupils do not reach the required score then there is the option to appeal (an article on how to do this is available on our website, in the blog section), or will be able to apply for a place at one of the non-selective schools within your catchment.

More information

For more information on the test format please check out our 11+ Exam in Bucks page.

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