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Making a positive impact on our carbon footprint, and promising to do more!

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

We recognise that we have a responsibility to become more sustainable and use less natural resources. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and aim to continually strive to find ways to become more environmentally friendly.

We noticed, not long after starting our company, that we were printing a vast amount of paper to act as worksheets, resources, assessments, homework and via contact with parents. We were embarrassed by the amount of natural resources that we were using, plus the amount of ink we were getting through by printing. We decided to make a change!

In 2018 we printed over 12,000 pieces of paper. In 2019 we reduced this by more than half to just over 5,000. And in 2020, we reduced this even further to below 1,000 pieces of paper printed for the whole year. We do recognise that it is not only in the amount of paper and ink that we use which can having a negative impact on the environment. We decided to look at our whole business, and see where else we could make positive choices.

Some of the steps that we are proud to have taken are:

· All of the energy for our office space comes from a 100% Green Energy Tariff

· Digitalisation of homework (to reduce paper and ink usage)

· Use of an online platform for sharing resources

· Reuse of many resources year-on-year (to avoid printing new resources each year)

· Purchasing of recycles paper for all new printing

· Minimising journeys in the car, and using alternative methods of transport where possible.

We acknowledge that more can still be done. As such, we have produced our Environmental Sustainability Statement, which outlines approaches to becoming more environmentally aware, and reducing our negative impact on the environment.

Please take the time to look through this and provide us with any feedback you believe may help us in our journey to reduce our environmental impact.

Environmental Statement
Download PDF • 280KB

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