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Best and Worst schools in Buckinghamshire (2019) Revealed

The school tables for 2019 have been revealed and it is no surprise to see that a number of the Grammar schools in Bucks have come out on top in terms of GCSE results and Progress 8.

Progress 8 is a measure of the 'value-added' that a school has. It takes pupils scores in Key Stage 2 exams and compares these to their GCSE results. A school score of 0.0 means that pupils are achieving the expected levels of progress. A positive score (+.05 for example) means that pupils are performing better than expected at that secondary school, whilst a negative score (-0.2 for example) means that pupils are performing below expectations.

A score of +1.0 means that each pupils in the school is getting an average of one grade higher than expected. A score of +0.5 means that each pupil is getting an average of half a grade higher than expected. A negative score of -.05 would mean that each pupil is achieving on average half a grade lower than expected based on their KS2 grades.

Pupils are measured across their scores in eight GCSEs, including core subjects (Maths, English and Science), and their best scores in other chosen subjects.

Below is the table for 2018-19. The table has been arranged in results order (% of pupils achieving a grade 5-9 in English and Maths), however you may wish to look for the Progress 8 score, as this is the true indication of how well the individual school performs.

How did your school / prospective school do?

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