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When should my child begin 11+ tuition?

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

Many parents believe that 'more is better', and more tuition means better chances of your child passing the 11+. However, when it comes to 11+ tuition research has shown that this is not always the case. Carry on reading for an outline of what research does tells us about how to give your child the best chance of passing the 11+.

One year is best!

Research has shown that the optimal amount of time to spend on 11+ tuition is one year. This means your child starting with a tutor in September / October when they enter year 5 (in preparation for taking the test in September of year 6). Studying for more than one year on 11+ content has not been shown to have any additional benefit to pupils, and in fact has been shown to have the reverse effect; reducing pupil’s scores.

How long should tuition be?

Studying for around 2 hours per week, with homework set each week, has been shown to be the best approach to teaching 11+ content. Tuition of longer than this could lead to burn out and a lack of concentration, whilst shorter tuition than this would mean that content would be rushed and vital aspects missed or not given the appropriate time.

Do your research early

Many tutors will sit initial assessments for pupils whilst they are in year 4, in preparation for beginning tuition in year 5. This means that many tutors are full by the time your child enters year 5, and will have no spaces left. This is why we recommend to parents that they begin looking for tutors when their child is in year 4, in order to avoid disappointment.

Is it ever too late to sign up?

It is never too late to sign your child up for 11+ tuition, as some tuition is better than none. As mentioned above, many tutors will be full by the September of year 5, and many courses run a structure which may mean that some content is taught early on and not revisited later, however it is never too late to sign pupils up if you can find a tutor who has space. It is best to speak to the tutor to discuss the options.

More information

For more information of how we could help your child as they prepare to take the 11+ please visit our website at or contact us at

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